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Letters from the Deep - Mayor visits new exhibition

28/04/2015 13:36 pm


This is the third WW1 exhibition to be displayed by Bath Postal Museum.  It is entitled "Letters from the Deep" because the letters were recovered from WW1 wrecks. They have been selected from Major Adrian Hopkins notable Wreck Cover collection.  The Major himself lost an arm in the First World War and was also very seriously wounded. Although it was thought he could not survive he fought for his life, and was later awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry during the battle.  Adrian Hopkins became Mayor of Bath three times, notably during the visit of Princess Marina (then the Duchess of Kent), with whom he danced at a special event in the Assembly Rooms.


Mrs. Ann Hopkins-Clarke, the Major's daughter and a trustee of this museum, had invited her children, grandchildren, close relatives and close friends, to a private family viewing on Saturday 7 March.  This was principally because, although the collection had been with the museum for several years, it had not been on display since we moved to our present premises six years ago, and her family had not seen it.  Madam Mayor Cherry Beath paid the museum a visit yesterday (Thursday 23 April) to view the exhibition. Ann escorted the Mayor to the museum, where they were greeted by Ann’s son Adrian (named after his grandfather) and his wife Helen, Audrey Swindells, Rob Swindells and myself. She thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and the information provided for her. She said that it is “an excellent and poignant exhibit” delving into the history behind each cover and the ship it was aboard before meeting their tragic ends.  These were often poorly protected merchant ships.


Adrian Hopkins was a well-known character in Bath, and also internationally because of his philatelic knowledge. His innate ability to describe the various displays of his collections, which he regularly presented to audiences both here and abroad, was always a delight as he was a raconteur with a lively wit.