Stonecrouch Bagg 1767

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Addressed to

Mr T Redford

at Hawkherft (Hawkhurst)

in Kent


Annotated “By Stonecrouch Bagg”


Note.     Stonecrouch is a village on the London to Hastings Road just north west of Hawkhurst.


The entire letter received a Bishop Mark on posting but the date is unclear though possibly 25/IA (25th January).  A manuscript 7 was applied to the face to indicate the charge of 7d. No other postal markings were applied.

Transcription follows;


Some while ago I wrote you telling you that I feared, you could not have the fourth & last volume of the Testimonial before Lady day.  But now I have the pleasure to inform you, that my printers have lately been very diligent.  So glad this volume will be printed at the press by the end of this week. And next week copies may be delivered out.  Thus as I am desirous you will have the volume soon, if convenient to you, I advise that yr Son to call at Mrs Waugh’s in Lombard Street, when he is next in town. I shall send her over, if Mr Redford calls, to let him have one copy, scored, upon my account, for the ---- Mr Chaliner.(?)

I wish Mr Stock well. I am of opinion, that we ought to remove my red bed, out of the left chamber & likewise John’s bed, into the new one.  I wish this may be done about Lady day next, when the days are long.  My goods are spoiled for they use them.  But the beft of chamber has a fire-place, which makes it better for them than the Hall-chamber.  Iff there to be children (as is likely), they will not hold up so long as Mr Nover did.  Wishing you well I remain your sincere friend & humble servant.

N. Lardner (Doctor)

Hoxton Square in London

Jan 22 1767