Singapore, 1954

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This envelope was posted in New Zealand on 7th Mar 1954 addressed to Southampton, England.  The cover was taken to Australia and at Sydney put on board the B.O.A.C. Constellation BELFAST G-ALAM for the flight to London.   The plane piloted by TW Hoyle crashed as it attempted to land at Singapore Airport and caught fire. A large number of passengers were killed along with one crew member.  Most of the mail was salvaged and most of the mail for England received this red boxed three-line cachet:  SALVAGED MAIL / AIRCRAFT CRASH / SINGAPORE 13.3.1954. (justified text).  


This ambulance envelope was used to carry the charred remains of the New Zealand item. It too received a boxed cachet in red but differing slightly as the lettering of the third line had a smaller font, was centred and not justified.  Furthermore the first line of text has the “D” of Salvaged directly over the “T” of Aircraft.