Rome, 1954

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These envelopes were posted in Japan and Hong Kong in January 1954 and both addressed to the Overseas Department of Lloyds Bank in London.  The two envelopes were recovered from the crash of the Philippine Airlines DC6 after its engines caught fire and exploded in trying to make a forced landing on the outskirts of Rome.  Only part of the mail was recovered and much was either scorched or oil stained.  Two cachets were applied to each postal item.  Here the Italian cachet was applied in black: Correspondenza recuperata in seguito / incidente aereo dei  - 14 GEN 1954.  The second cachet with minor variations was applied in England in two ink colours, black and violet as shown in these  two examples:   DAMAGED IN/ PAL – AIRCRAFT CRASH| and  DAMAGED 1N/P.A.L  AIRCRAFT CRASH