Prepaid Penny Post 1843

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This piece of an envelope was posted at Chelmsford on March 3rd 1843 and received a penny mark in red having been prepaid. The message written in very tiny script does not appear to have any connection with the original use of the envelope. A transcript of the message follows:


My dear Holden,

You gave a good account of yourself. We have a blustery very cold day for Good Friday with plenty of rain. I fear the forward pease (sic), beans, and the forward fruits will suffer by the sharp frosty nights.

Baker, map and papers of valuation_______lay at Simmonds the Church warden for a over a month if not more. I got Ady to take out my part out and send it me to Southend, and from my representation Baker made some alterations. I did not know how he valued untill it was before the Commisinoers. Bank was my Agent and I suppose Adys, of course being absent at Southend I left all to him, it is now past recall, so say the three Commissioner to My Ady.


It is thought that this message written on the opened out envelope is not related to the original use for the following reasons: 

  • It appears to be written in a different hand; 
  • It refers to 'My dear Holden' where the envelope is addressed to W.G. Strutt;
  • The message appears to be incomplete with no sign off.

 This note may have been written by Mr Strutt as a draft reply to the original contents of the envelope.