Paper Lace Valentine with Message

  • Digital Collection


This hand written valentine is decorated with paper lace and a rose. The message reads: The spirits of the beautiful long helped away - hover around thee. We know and feel it too, when thou art near. Angelic sweetness sits upon thy brow - and love - deep - holy - pure mysterious love, beams radiant from thine eyes. Thou too art natures favourite - she has tinged thy cheek with 'carmine of the sun-set', has given thy form its elegant proportions, thy lips their witching sweetness, but that glance of intellectual light - which all may see when gazing on thy face - outshines them all. But I of all the sons of all the earth, Have loved thee best - not wisely, but too well - How oft when gazing in thy dear, dear eyes, I've sought to read the words unspoken there 'Thine I will be'