Newton-St-Looe 1848

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Newton St. Loe - the usual spelling - is about 4 miles from Bath on Highground above the road to Bristol. The name derives from the St. Lo or Laud family from Normandy who held Newton and other Somerset manors in the plantagenet period.

Newton St Loe was included in the Bath Penny Post in 1811, discontinued after one year beacuse unsupported by Mr. Gore-Langton, MP for East Somerset and then owner of Newton Park and re-established with a Receiving House in the 1820's. The serifed undated handstamp NEWTON-ST-LOOE was issued to Bath 1st May 1841.

In 1844 Bath was allocated the numeral canceller '53' used in conjunction with a circular Bath cancel dated 14th September 1848. This letter was received at Shepton-Mallet the following day where the Shepton-Mallet postmark used had been issued on 17th August 1830. 

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