Misuse of Frank on Newton & Corston 1833

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This wrapper was sent by Mrs Pennington to enclose a letter written by herself but purporting to be from William Gore Langton of Newton Park who was one of the M.P's for the eastern division of Somerset. Although not receiving a free Frank the writer clearly intended that the letter was sent from Bath to Edinburgh for no charge, by adding the name Wm.Gore Langton to the bottom left hand corner of the wrapper. A postal charge of 1d was made to carry the item in the Bath penny post from Corston to Bath and this is indicated by the manuscript 'one' and the receiving house mark at Newton St Loe 'No21'. 


The enclosed letter was written on the 1st November 1833 and received a circular 'BATH' the same day on the reverse and the wrapper received an arrival mark in Edinburgh in red dated November 3rd 1833.  


Ex Emonet Collection