Mail from Torpedoed Ship 1915

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The German stronghold of Tsingtau was completely invested by British and Japanese forces by 21st September, 1914 and the general attack commenced the next day. The German garrison held out until 7th November when they surrendered. I have a cover from a German Prisoner of War in one of the P.O.W. camps in Japan. It is not possible to say which because, although the sender's name and address is written on the back, the place name is not legible. Handstamped across the front in vermilion "Sce DES PRISONNIERS DE GUERRE". It is addressed to the German Relief Organisation for Prisoners of War in Sweden and several others similar have been notified.

This one has been involved in a torpedoing on the way to Europe as it carries the salvage marking RECEIVED AT LIVERPOOL/DAMAGED BY SEA WATER. The date stamps are 10 March 1915 from Tsingtau, China to Sweden. The two line Liverpool mark is in mauve, but it seems to have been in general use for several years as other covers exist carrying the same salvage mark in pink which spread over the years.