Langport Mileage Mark 1846

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This letter posted in Langport on the 30th july 1846 received a 1844 numeral '721' which was the mark allocated to Somerton together with the numeral '720' used at Somerton. The Langport numeral cancel ties a fine imperforated penny red, lettered TF, to the enitre letter. Final sorting was carried out at taunton the same day and a faint Taunton postmark was applied together with an arrival postmark at Bridgewater on July 31st 1846. 


The 'LANGPORT/140' boxed mileage mark is of the type which had been issued since 1801 and where it its earliest recorded use at Langport was in 1806. The same type is also recored as used at 'SOMERTON/135' since 1806. The mileage was base on the official postal distance by Mail Coach to London measured via Yeovil which carried a similar type post mark 'YEOVIL/125' recorded in use from 1803. The use of mileage postmarks ceased in general in 1829, it is remarkable that the same postmarking stamp should have continued in use at Langport for a further 17 years and was in use overall for a period of 40 years.


The letter from Mr. W Woodward requests a copy of the rules and regulations of the B.W. Building Society.


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