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Jump for the Post

8/09/2011 15:17 pm

Peter Bennett, Wesley Farrar and Nic Woodrow set out for Bristol harbourside on Sunday 7th August to conquer the 160ft plummet. Wesley (Trustee of BPM) knew full well it was going to be a bigger challenge for him as he has an extreme fear of heights, but in good faith and high spirits stepped forward. He was the first to attempt the Jump. All was going according to plan, they had finished strapping Wesley into the harness and the crane had begun its assent....then, something was wrong, the crane suddenly came to a stand still and was then recalled. In this moment Wesley's fear overcame him and he decided not to go ahead with the jump. Wesley's attempt was not in vain however, even knowing that he is afraid of heights he still managed to ascend to nearly 160ft, a 'high' accomplishment by any acrophobics standards.
Next up was Nic. It was not until that moment that Nic realised that he was a little freightened himself. He pressed forward strapped in and began ascending to 160ft above the river Avon, then the famous line "1....2....3...Bungee!" With those words Nic jumped out into empty space and hurtled toward to ground. After the jump Nic said "I was ok up until the moment before, then I got quite nervous and then the adrenaline took over. Im very happy that I have done it."
Last to jump was Peter he was strapped into the harness lifted up by the crane and then with a bellow jumped out of the cage. "It's something that I have wanted to do for some time. being given the opportunity to do this whilst raising money for the museum has made me very proud. The Jump was brilliant, when you leave the platform the sense of euphoria you experience is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. I look forward to doing more things like this in the future." The event managed to raise £1000 for the upkeep and conservation of the museums collections. The three hope to do more events in the near future.