Insufficiently Addressed Envelope

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A letter from Bath which has been addressed in the fashion of the period, (name and town only) but the person was not known at Box. The envelope has been annotated as such by the postman. There are no other markings on the envelope and so it is not known if the gentleman actually lived at Chippenham and the letter was delivered to him, or it was returned to the sender at Bath.

The letter received a circular BOX mark on 22 July 1861 and was carried to CHIPPENHAM where another circular postmark was applied dated 24 July. Without a first name it cannot be known if the letter reached the intended recipient as there is no record of anyone with the surname Hillier living in either Box or Chippenham at the time of the 1861 Census, taken only some 3 months earlier, despite the surname being fairly common in the Wiltshire villages to the east of Chippenham.