HeimdalIs 1929

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This cover from Lisse, Holland to Helsingfors, Finland, dated-6.IX.29 but the year has washed away with the adhesive which is missing. On the back is a printed label tied with the Stockholm date stamp 11.9.29, which reads as follows: the whole in a box: Bifogade försandelse / har skadats av vatten vid / angfartyget "Heimdalls" /  förlisning den 8 sept. 1929 /  i Stockholms skärgard. /  Postdirektionen i /  Stockholms Distrikt.

Heimdalls was a steel screw steamer 1,339 tons built in 1914. She ran aground and sank almost immediately in the night of September 8th, 1929 near Vaxholm, lat. 59 32 15 N., long 18 32 22 E. The passengers and crew were rescued. She was not in deep water and the superstructure showed above water after she sank. Divers recovered 209 postal packets and some cargo. Hoggarth & Gwynn have updated this to record 209 bags of mail recovered. A month later she was lifted by pontoon and moved to shallow water. Later to Stockholm.