Haakon VII 1929

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                                                         Reddet post

                                                     fra „Haakon VII“


This is on a letter from Molde 5.X.29. addressed to Bergen. Much water stained. This was an official transparent forwarding cover of the Norwegian Post Office.

During the storm which raged round the coasts of Northern Europe on Sunday night 6th October, 1929 the coastal steamer Haakon VII struck a rock near Floro and foundered almost immediately. 69 of the passengers and crew were saved but 18 perished including 9 members of the crew. It was a very dark night and a strong wind was blowing when the vessel struck. At the time she was travelling at 12 knots. After striking she began to turn over and sink and shortly afterwards only the bow remained above water. The shipwrecked passengers and crew managed to take refuge on a small rock where they remained for four hours until the Norwegian steamer San Lucar arrived and rescued them. When the disaster occurred the Master and Pilot were on the bridge. The steamer struck with such violence that the Master was thrown overboard; fortunately he was saved.

On 17th March the steamer was refloated and taken into Bergen. On 2nd August she was sold to a Norwegian shipyard "Norges Handels og Sjofartstidende" to be broken up.

She was previously in trouble in 1915 during the First World War (See 1915).