Celebes 1953

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Two members of The Postal History Society have unwittingly collaborated in producing a piece of salvaged mail for this collection. A cover from Boston, Mass. date stamped AP 14 1953 sent by Dr. H. K. Thompson addressed to E. B. Proud at Malim Nawar (forwarded to Batu Gajah) Perak is handstamped in magenta in three lines

"This Article Damaged by Fire

 on board S.S. CELEBES April 29/53

 Post Office, New York, N.Y.".

The motor vessel Celebes, out of New Orleans bound for Surabaya, caught fire on 29th April, 1953 when the Officers' mess room which was fitted up as a post office, was burned out. About a hundred bags of mail were severely damaged by fire, and the remainder by water. The total carried was 295 bags.

Hoggarth & Gwynn report use of a similar cachet to that above, but the first line starts: "This Article Delayed ……”