Carnatic 1869

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A second cover addressed to Leiutt. Colonel J Temple in Central India was put aboard the Carnatic at Southampton.  This envelope was sealed by the same typed cachet applied as a label as that described above. Most of the postal marks were applied to the reverse and then covered up by the Wreck label. One that can be seen is a large SEA POST OFFICE mark in blue from the Aden to Bombay steamer, unfortunately with date details covered up.


This cover arrived in Bombay and received a fine single ring cancellation in red:

D. / BOMBAY / 8 NO. / 69


Addressed to Moorar, a suburb of Gwalior and presumably a home for the Headquarters of the 103 Regiment of the Royal Bombay Fusiliers, the envelope was taken overland on a direct track route via Indore. At Indore, a poor hexagonal mark was applied to the face in blue:  INDORE / NO 10 / 69


On arrival at its destination an even more indistinct circular mark in a dirty orange colour was added to the reverse apparently reading:

MOORAR / NO 14 / 69