A Victorian Envelope

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This opened-out envelope is addressed to Mr E North at the Bricklayer’s Arms in Edwards Street Soho in London. The penny red stamp is tied by a BATH sideways duplex numeral 53 dated October 10 1856 with Code O. On the upper flap, a circular London receivers mark is dated OC  11 / 1856 with Code FP.

However...this opened out envelope has infact been used twice.

The reverse is addressed to Mr Jabez Bryant at 8 Beechen Cliff Place, Holloway in Bath. The Penny Red is tied by a Croydon numeral 938 postmark. A Croydon date mark was applied to the top and side flap on 11th September 1856 in green. A London receiver mark was applied on 12th September in red to the side flap and on arrival in Bath, a Bath postmark was also applied on September 12th with Code. E. 

This occurence of a re-used envelope is quite unusual but not surprising as the price of paper was relatively expensive.