Le Bourget, France, 1946

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This ambulance envelope addressed to London was posted by the French Post Office in Paris on 18th Sep 1946 and contained the remains of a postal item salvaged from the crash of an Air France Douglas DC3 plane F-BAXD which had taken off from Le Bourget Airport for London on 4th September 1946.  On take-off from Le Bourget, the plane lost power and the pilot J. Corvaisier was unable to gain sufficient height before hitting a building and crashing the plane, killing the crew.  The ambulance envelope is shown here with a newspaper clipping of 5th September 1946, the washed off Air Mail label, and a French printed label in black advising delay due to an air crash: “SERVICE POSTAL FRANÇAIS / Correspondance retardée / par accident d’Avion. / Prière ce no pas taxer.