Lake Dugari, India, 1938

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This undamaged envelope from England to Singapore was being carried the Imperial Airways Short S23  C-Class seaplane CERES G-AETX which made a forced landing on Lake Dugari on 12th June 1938 during a monsoon storm. The landing place was several miles to the south of Jaipur where the lake water level was unusually low as a result of a drought.  The shallow water prevented the plane from taking off, so the mail was unloaded and carried overland many miles to Lake Gwalior where the relief plane, CAPELLA G-ADUY, was waiting to collect the mail.  As no damage to the mail was incurred, and the delay was minimal, no wreck cachets were applied.  With the help of monsoon rains and careful measurement of lake depths, it was possible to fix a course for the CERES to be flown off Lake Dugari on 20th June.