Faradje, 1939

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This cover from South Africa was carried on the Imperial Airways Short S.23 ‘C’ Class flying boat CORSAIR, G-ADBV, that got lost south of Juba on the Sudan border, and was landed on the river Dangu in Belgian Congo on 15th March 1939. The hull was holed and the river was too shallow for a take-off to be attempted. The mail was recovered and those items addressed to France received the three line cachet:

Accident d’Avion / Correspondences recueillies en Mer / NE PAS TAXER.

The plane was pulled to the bank of the river for repairs.  Meanwhile a road was built to the river, rocks were quarried and  hauled along the road to build a dam in the river to create enough depth and width of water for the repaired plane to be flown out.  The rescue of the plane was achieved in January 1940, 10 months after the accident.